Our Story

We are a family of 13 – Lewis (Daddy Mann/Big Lew), Roxanne (Mama Mann), Nick (25), Katelyn (22), Marisa (16), Lucas (15), Patrick (13), Quentin (11), Jax (9), Rowan (7), Selah (6), Thiessen (4) & Uynne (2) … and all of us, except Nick, live and travel fulltime in our 450 sq ft RV! Nick is a RN in an ED of a hospital in SC, but he tries to fly wherever we are every 6 to
8 weeks :)

In June 2012, Lewis was diagnosed with a brain tumor – it is operable, but suspected to be incurable. The reality of the brevity of life was right before us, so we began searching how we could escape from the “American Rat Race” and really savor each day that we are allowed to have together. We formulated a plan, set it in action and moved forward with great anticipation! Within a few short months we …

     • put our house on the market for sale
     • sold almost everything we owned
     • packed our few earthly treasures into Rubbermaid containers and moved them to storage at a friend’s “barn”
     • moved only necessary items into our 44.5 ft fifth wheel (MicMann) and created a ‘glorified closet’ out of our 7’X16’            
       enclosed  trailer
     • said “Bon Voyage” to our sweet family and supportive friends

… then on November 11, 2012, launched from our ‘sticks n bricks’ house to living full-time in our RV!


"Mann, There They Go” is our site to share our new lifestyle and adventures of traveling across the US and Canada. If you want to follow our journey on a daily/weekly basis, please ‘like’ us on FB and/or subscribe to our daughter’s blogas we share with you – living history, road schooling, eating at local/”stand-alone” eateries, riding roller coasters, capturing breathtaking views, climbing all those steps of lighthouses, relaxing on the beach, swimming ith the manatees, makin’ smores, watching the sun set, enjoying many late nght campfires, etc. … basically embracing each moment we have been blessed to experience together. Lewis continues to work “from the road” fulltime (because we like to eat!) and is now the remote eCommerce Administrator for the company that has employed him for the last 13+ years.


One of the greatest, unexpected benefits has been meeting so many people along the way. We have forged numerous friendships with families, couples and senior adults during this adventure. It is our immense blessing to be able to share
“our story” and have with so many folks walk this road with our family!

Happy trails and we hope to see you down the road!
The Mann Clann



Marisa's blogs: www.mannthereshegoes.shutterfly.com/
Our website: http://www.manntheretheygo.com
Insta: instagram.com/manntheretheygo#
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-NRv6qehZ1rzKEqfBLrCRQ
Medical updates: www.caringbridge.org/visit/lewismann

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